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Bright lights, big city


This afternoon, Claire from Warburton's bakery came to visit us. We talked about healthy eating and getting our '5 a day'. Can you remember how big a portion of fruit or vegetables is? She told us that it is important to eat enough fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. Then we started the really exciting part...making our very own wraps! Claire gave us each a Warburton's wrap and then some grated cheese, turkey slices, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. We chose what we wanted in our wraps, rolled it up then ate and enjoyed! Mrs Girling was really impressed with those who tried something new today. What did you try?


This week we have started to learn about The Great Fire of London. Can you remember in which year it happened? The fire started in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane. Mrs Capewell made us some bread dough and we had great fun shaping it, baking it and finally eating it! Yum!


This afternoon, we've been using K-Nex and the Beebots to investigate London further.

We programmed the Beebots around a map of London. They visited Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Gerkin!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Mrs Girling challenged us to make the London Eye out of K-Nex! Here's how we got on...


Today, we have had our 'memorable experience'! We spent the morning getting ready for our very special visitor. We grated cheese, buttered bread, chopped carrots, sliced cucumber, cut bananas, sliced grapesĀ and iced cakes. Look how busy we were!

After the Queen had been, we had a tea party to celebrate. We sat with our friends and enjoyed the food that we had prepared. We had a great time!