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Eyam Class Mrs Turner

Eyam Class

Our teacher is Mrs Turner.

Celebrating success…


This week’s Star:


This week’s Hero or Heroine:

Reuben McRobie

Talisha-Rose Huggins

Wannabe Day!

Wannabe Day! 1
Wannabe Day! 2
Wannabe Day! 3
Wannabe Day! 4
Wannabe Day! 5
Wannabe Day! 6
Wannabe Day! 7
Wannabe Day! 8
Wannabe Day! 9

We learnt about healthy eating with Warburtons and made wraps. Delicious!

We had fun building with K-Nex and programming with Bee-Bots!

Wedding of the year! Everyone's been talking about it! See the exclusive photos here...

Bulb planting! The bank will look lovely in the Spring when the crocuses flower!

Look at our woodland weavings! It took some patience...

We made woodland crowns!

We made woodland crowns! 1

Our first week!

Our first week! 1

Any questions?