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Internet Search, stay safe online

Before you write anything on a computer or phone or post anything on a social media site you need to THINK about what you are doing. The picture below will help you THINK about how to be safe and happy when using the computer.
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A message from Mr. Averis


If you are worried about something you have done online, or you are sad about something some one else has done you need to either -

  1. Tell an adult. The sooner you tell an adult the easier it will be to help. Your mummy and daddy or any teacher at school will be able to help you.
  2. Click on the Report Abuse button. This is really, really safe way for you to tell the police that someone has done something naughty online. The police who will help you are CEOP police who specialise in child protection online. 
  3. Use the contact an adult at school form below. You need to type in your name and email address below and an adult at school will get a message and will be able to help you.

Online help at St. John's Primary School

You need to add your name and email address to this form and then type in a little bit about what you are worried about online. Mr. Averis will then get the message and he will be able to help you.