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Welcome to Sudbury

Nursery Class!


Wow, what an amazing start to the academic year! Well done to all of the Busy Bee Nursery children in Sudbury class. We have had so much fun, learning in our new environment, playing with the wonderful toys and getting to know lots of new friends.

Week beginning 18th September


This week we are thinking about your child's favourite Nursery Rhyme. If possible, please bring in a picture, a book or an object to represent their favourite rhyme. During our daily story time, your child is given the opportunity to share their rhyme with their friends.

Week beginning 25th September


As part of our phonics, we will be going on a listening walk around school, to find out what sounds we can hear around us. We will be teaching our children how to use our listening ears- it would be great if you could encourage your child to do a sound walk around your home- what can you hear? Encourage your child to stop, be quiet and listen to what is around them. Let us know what you can hear! We will also be creating our own noisy shakers! This will encourage the children to distinguish between different sounds and explore how sounds can be changed.


In our reflection time at the end of our session, we will be talking about what makes us happy and how we feel when we are happy. We will also be learning the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" to sing when we are feeling happy! Talk to your child about what has made them happy each day- you could tell them what has made you feel happy too!


Our new climbing frame has arrived! The children are very excited about using it and are fully aware of how to use it safely and the rules they need to follow. Lets hope for nice weather so there can be lots of outdoor learning this week!