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Our Class Elf!!

We came in this morning to discover Santa had sent an elf to keep an eye on us and will be reporting back to Santa each night.  He is a rather mischievous elf as he was found hanging from our mastery maths chains and had torn some of them!  Naughty elf.  He came with a letter which said he will be giving us a special assignment each day. 

Picture 1 The naughty elf torn down some of our maths chains
Picture 2 Our letter from our elf
Picture 3 Our elf has covered himself in reading stickers!
Picture 4 Riding our peregrine falcon with a lolly!
Picture 5 The elves escaped to Mrs Higgs class!
Picture 6 Playing noughts and crosses!
Picture 7 He wrote all over our board!
Picture 8 Hanging from an empty toilet roll!
Picture 9 He covered our class in toilet roll!
Picture 10 Very naughty today!
Picture 11 Jingles was caught having a snowball fight!
Picture 12 Lots of marshmellow snowballs
Picture 13 Poor Mrs Allen's elf lost!
Picture 14 Last night the elves took over Mr Averis' office!
Picture 15 Elf Jingles on his computer
Picture 16 Elf Fred on his phone
Picture 17 They kidnapped Mr Averis!!!!
Picture 18 ...and left a ransom note!!
Our Special Assignments.....
Picture 1
Picture 2
Each day we will have an 'Elf in charge' to help keep the classroom tidy and helping with the special assignment.  Check out our special 'elfers' below:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10