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Sunday 14th January 2018


Thank you to everyone who has brought in a milk bottle, we only need about 15 more so if you haven't yet brought one in we need them for Monday. The children are so excited to make a start on creating their very own polar bears!


I have spent some time this weekend updating different parts of our Reception webpage. There are a few more photos added to the end of last term 'Autumn term 2' photos.


We are having a bit of a spring clean in our outdoor area and looking to add a few more resources for the children to investigate and encourage deeper thinking when solving problems. We are hoping to add some guttering for children to use to design and build water/marble/car tracks with. If anyone has any old pieces of guttering please bring them to school (even if you have just one piece!).


Thank you for your on-going support.

Mrs Smith



Tuesday 9th January 2018


Welcome back to the January term, we all hope you had a fabulous Christmas!


We have an exciting term ahead thinking about the season of winter, looking at animals that live in colder parts of our world and then looking at houses and homes. So far the children have enjoyed doing some number, addition, reading and writing activities linked to snow and ice, rain and wind! Today they are designing umbrellas, counting rain drops, creating puddle paintings and writing about the weather.


I will add some photos on ASAP!


Just a few quick (VERY IMPORTANT) extra targets for you to practise with your children:

  1. Please help your child learn to do their zips up!
  2. Practise all the phase 2 and 3 tricky words - this will help your child so much in their reading and understanding sentences.


Thank you for your on-going support.


Wednesday 13th December 2017


Gosh what a busy time we are having, I can't believe we have only 4 days left of school before we break up for our Christmas holidays!

The Reception children were AMAZING in their Nativity plays on Monday and Tuesday this week, thank goodness the snow didn't stop us from performing! They were so brave to stand up so confidently on stage and sing for us all, and what lovely singing it was!


Go to our year group photos link and see some more photos of the children in their fabulous costumes. We also had a great time in the snow on Monday! There are lots of photos to enjoy.




I will update soon to give you some more ideas of how to support your child with their reading over the 2 week holiday.


Friday 10th November 2017


The children have been very busy learning their songs for our Reception Nativity play. We had our very first rehearsal this week so all the children now know where they are going to sit! Next step is to learn when to stand up and go on to the stage. Letters with information on timings and tickets will be coming home soon. Don't forget to keep checking (and emptying) your child's book bags daily.


We hope all those family members that have come to school for dinners over the past few weeks, have enjoyed their roast dinners? I am looking forward to my class welcoming their family coming for dinners on Wednesday this week (15th).



Saturday 28th October 2017


Are you all having a wonderful half term holiday?


The children had worked so hard last half term, they very much deserved a lovely rest. I hope you are all ready for a busy term ahead!


We have so much planned from exploring light and dark, looking at our ever changing weather, finding out some facts about nocturnal animals, as well as celebrating Christmas! The children will be learning lots of songs for our Nativity play and will be excited to perform for you in December.

Keep checking the online calendar on this school website for dates for your diary, our termly newsletter will also be going home on Monday and can be found in the 'Notice Board' link above. It really is a busy term!






Tuesday 3rd October


A few parents have been asking about how to log on to our Evidence for Learning online learning journals. Just to reiterate what was said at our information session for those of you who were unable to attend, letters will be going out in the next week or so. It will explain what you need to do. We are just currently ironing out some technical issues!


We have had a fabulous week watching the children choose to write and do mark making within their play, from being teachers to writing their names, as well as painting, drawing and chalking outside!





Sunday 30th September

We have had such a busy week. The children have been thinking about belonging - from belonging to a family, our school and Church. We have been working lots on shape, space and measure. Next week the children will be thinking about how we keep our bodies healthy and exploring what we eat for breakfast!


Some parents have been asking about the phrases children are learning to help them learn their new sounds. I have added them to the support materials, reading and phonics section. Now we have learnt the first 8 sounds you can begin to practise orally blending with your child. Say each sound e.g. "s-a-t" and see if your child can blend the sounds together and say "sat". Here are the sounds we have learnt so far:



Don't forget you can practise making the shapes of the sounds out of playdough, write them in seeds/lentils/flour/glitter, make words out of bath letters/magnetic letters and practise on white boards as well as paper! There are so many ways to help your child grow in confidence recognising, reading and writing the sounds.


Have fun!

Tuesday 19th September 2017


I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at our 'Early Reading and Phonics Support' meeting. I am hoping to give you some different ideas of how you can support your child at home in learning to read. I will also show you how you can log on at home to see your child's online learning journal also.


We have already had jumpers, cardigans and coats get lost. Please ensure your child's clothes are all named or it is rather tricky to find missing clothing and it will end up in the whole school lost property box (which can be found near the school office). Named clothing is much easier to return to the owner!


I can finally add more photos of how your child is settling in to life in Reception. If you scroll up to the 'Reception Photographs 2017-2018' and click on the link, I will be updating this page throughout the year. Enjoy browsing through the photos.






Wednesday 13th September 2017


WOW how amazing are your children? They have been brilliant this week at learning how to get their hot dinners at school, and where to sit for sandwiches. They have carried their trays, used their manners and followed instructions beautifully. We are now 3 days in and today they impressed all of us with how well they ate their dinners. Well done Reception!


Sunday 10th September 2017


WELCOME to all our new children and parents!

What an exciting first week we have had. The children have had a great time exploring their new classroom environments and meeting new friends. We are all learning each other's names and I am excited to see the children again on Monday for their first week doing full days.

Lots of the children are excited to have their first school dinner, all the reception teachers stay with the children at lunch time to make sure they know exactly what they are doing and where to go during lunch time. It always amazes me how quickly the children learn to get their hot dinners and sit down with their friends to eat.

We are all excited to update our class pages and reception photos page, however we are just waiting for last years information to be archived. Watch this space!!



Thursday 6th July 2017

Our reception children have had a great week visiting their new Year 1 classes! They all returned with huge smiles on their faces and enjoyed meeting their new teachers and exploring their new classrooms. We too had a lovely week meeting our new starters also.  


Yesterday the children all had a fab afternoon on the field making magic wands and practising for our infants sports day (which is tomorrow afternoon, don't forget to come and join us!).


Today the children have been helping us puddle our clay ready to start our St John's well dressing next week. It was a rather messy, yet very exciting and fun process! The children loved squashing the clay in their hands.


Tuesday 20th June


WOW! Where has the time gone? The children only have 4 and a half weeks left of their Reception year at St John's! We are finding our days are going by so quickly and we are learning so much that I am struggling to find time to blog!!


I will put some more photos in our Reception Photographs link so go check out what we have been up to over the past few weeks - from learning about different vehicles, to going on amazing journeys, dinosaurs and parent maths workshops! What a lot of fun we have had!


During these very hot summer days please make sure your child comes to school smothered in a high factor sun cream (they are allowed to top up during the day but they do find this tricky to do at this age, so please give them some sun protection before school). Please make sure your child has a full water bottle (they can top this up as often as they need) and a wide brimmed summer hat.


Tuesday 9th May 2017

What a busy start to this half term we have had!

The children are loving our new topic 'The Secret Garden', they have been learning all about plants and how to grow a seed. As well as planning and writing a story about a magic seed that grows into a weird and wonderful plant. They came up with fab ideas - from a plant that can turn you invisible, to a flower that can give you superpowers when you rub the petals, and a leaf that can make the weather turn sunny when you sing to it!

This week the children are learning about the life cycle of a frog, thinking about how the tadpoles grow and change. Within our role play area we have moved from buying and seeling plants at the garden centre to a shoe shop! The children are now enjoying measuring each others feet and trying on some beautiful shoes!

Throughout this term the children have been creating an EYFS masterpiece! We started with collaging a hedgerow background, then adding some flowers, next we will be including frogs at the bottom of our hedgerow then 3D sculpture minibeasts!  Watch this space to see our final display...


Sunday 9th April 2017


In just a few weeks families will be hearing whether their children will be joining us in September in Reception at St John's. We are looking forward to meeting our new starters during the Summer term 2. In preparation for starting school I have added lots of ideas for how parents can support their children in moving from preschool to full time school life here with us at St John's.


Click on the 'Support Materials' link above, scroll down and click on the 'Preparing your child for school' link. There are lots of fun things to do with your children over the next few months to make sure they are ready for their school journey.


To everyone reading our blog - have a fabulous Easter break!


Mrs Smith

Thursday 6th April

I can't believe it is almost the end of our second term in Reception, and what an exciting one it has been!

The children thoroughly loved our 'living eggs' experience. I will be posting photos and (hopefully) a video ASAP. Keep checking the Reception Photos link. Children will also be bringing home a photo of themselves holding one of the chicks!

This week they have been learning about the Easter story through drama, story time and craft activities. We hope your child explained to you the different parts of their beautiful Easter gardens.


Saturday 18th March

What a busy few weeks we have had in Reception learning about birthdays, babies, growing up, pets and farm animals! I have added lots more photos to our 'Reception Photographs' page on this website...

We are so very excited about our living eggs arriving on Monday. The children can't wait to see what may hatch out...

chick? duckling? crocodile or dinosaur??

Notes will be coming home next week requesting egg boxes to support our work on building Easter gardens. We need as many '6 egg box' boxes as possible, any donations gratefully received! Thank you

Tuesday 7th February 2017

The children have had a fun week so far learning about superheroes! We have been led by the children's interests and learning this week. After our dressing up day a few weeks ago where the children thought about what they want to be when they grow up, we then discussed real life superheroes and decided to dedicate a whole week to 'SUPERHEROES'.




The children have been dressing up as real life superheroes, as well as superheroes from stories! They have been writing inside speech bubbles to show what the superheroes might say on a rescue mission! They have had the chance to make up their own superhero stories, thinking about setting, characters and plot. They are very excited to come into school on Friday dressed as a SUPERHERO!



Saturday 21st January

What an exciting week we have had. The children have been learning about polar bears and penguins, and the North and South Poles. They have been writing lots of sentences in doodle time and learning how to put finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of their sentences.

On Friday all the children took part in 'wannabe day' where the children dressed up as the career they want to do when they grow up. We had some amazing costumes, thank you so much to all the parents and carers who supported us and helped their children make some fabulous costumes!

Thank you also to Mrs Clark who came to talk to our children about her career as a physiotherapist. The children loved learning about her job.

Go to our 'Reception Photos' link to see more photos of the great costumes!



(Oh and while I remember, if anyone is getting rid of any old t-shirts and/or socks, we would welcome any donations to go in our emergency change of clothes box!)

Wednesday 11th Jaunary

The children have enjoyed exploring raindrops, puddles and windy days!

Last week the children were learning about sleet, snow and ice. They made some fabulous snowmen for our display and this week the children have made some kites to fly and rain maker instruments.


I have added lots of photos to our outdoor learning page, go check out what we have been doing in our outdoor area this week.


Sunday 8th January 2017


Happy New Year to you all!


We hope you had a restful holiday and are settling back into our new term at St John's. This week has been full of wonderful learning about winter time and the weather we sometimes see during the winter months. The children have been learning about ice and snow, we were hoping for a little flurry of snow but may need to wait a little longer... fingers crossed we get a sprinkling at some point in 2017!


Our half termly newsletter came home in book bags on Tuesday 3rd January, if you missed it just pop to our notice board section above and have a read of what we are up to this half term in Reception.




Sunday 11th December

Go to our notice board link above to find out how you can support your child in reading over the Christmas holidays! Letters will be coming home in book bags this week, if you need an extra copy I have attached them to the link in our Reception notice board on this website.



Friday 9th December 2016


We are in true Christmas swing this morning in Reception Class! smiley We are having a wonderful, festive morning; painting Christmas pictures and sprinkling glitter, using gems to decorate Christmas trees and using our counting skills to make sure we have the right amount of glitz. We are hearing lots of stories in our book corner, including Peace At Last, a wonderful story about a very sleepy Daddy Bear! Best of all, we are dressing up in our Nativity scene outfits and building mega block buildings to re create Bethlehem! Amazing! See photos below...


See you all on the gate this afternoon, when we will be tired out and needing a rest before our final week of school, before we break up for Christmas on Friday 16th December!


Off to glitter something up!

Miss Fox.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Tuesday 6th December 2016


A huge well done to all our Reception children who performed brilliantly today in our Christmas play. We will be adding photographs to our 'Reception Photos' page on our website soon! We add photos throughout each half term so keep checking to see what exciting learning is taking place in school. The children work so hard and make us feel proud of them every day! 


We are very excited as Christmas has well and truly arrived in Reception at St John's! Our Reception area is filled with fun Christmas challenges and activities.



Friday 11th November 2016


Good Afternoon from a chilly Reception Class! All the children are attending celebration assembly, and I'm sitting down to write to you all, as I've not done so for a while!

We've had a fantastic week exploring the weather, Mrs Smith enjoyed sploshing around in the rain with the children in our outdoor area with our umbrellas and water paints .. we've been looking at natural objects in all of our sensory areas, including crunchy leaves in the tough spots and shiny conkers in the water tray, we even used Numicon to help us to count them! We have made hedgehogs with chocolate scented play dough, and had a brilliant time using clay really carefully to model hedgehogs to take home.

The children have enjoyed using our Autumn woodland role play area to imagine what it is like to be a Gruffalo with knobbly knees and terrible teeth.. Mrs Christie joined in as a cosy warm bear, off to hibernate away from the Gruffalo! (unfortunately, Miss Fox wasn't quick enough with the camera!)


We're not allowed to mention Christmas yet, but we are having a lot of fun beginning to getting our performance ready! Image result for christmas emoji


Signing out from another fabulous, fun week!

Miss Fox.


Wednesday 9th November

We have had such fun in the rain today. Splashing in puddles, collecting rain drops and using the water to make soup in our mud kitchen! The children have painted letters, numbers and pictures, as well as taking part in role play activities with umbrellas and the wheel along toys! If anyone has any old, small umbrellas (children's or adult sized) to donate, we'd love to build up our collection further.


I wonder what the weather will bring us tomorrow, no matter what, we will be outside enjoying learning through play! Please send your child to school in suitable, warm winter clothing.

They need a warm waterproof coat, hat, gloves and welly boots! All named please!! no

26th October

It may be a bit late, as autumn seems to be cracking on at a frightening pace, but if you go for an autumn walk this half term, could you see if you can collect a few chestnuts, conkers or acorns? We want to use them in our number work.

In addition, we need leaves of different shapes, sizes & colours. If you could press them e.g. placed under a pile of books, then we can use them for various crafting projects.


The Reception Team


Monday 17th October

This week the children have been completing some more challenges. We also have an activity board where the children can choose other tasks to complete...


Friday 7th October

Miss Fox here again, with a couple of requests..

Are any of these items yours? There are jumpers/cardigans/coats/hats. Unfortunately my magical powers, though vast, don't stretch to reuniting nameless items of clothing with their owners, so if you've lost anything then please pop in, the 'lost hooks of Reception' are located just within our door which the children come through in the morning.

Also, we are collecting sweetie wrappers please for our gluing and sticking projects. (sweets/chocolate bars) Please send them in with your children :)


Monday 3rd October


Good Morning!


We were so busy last week that I completely ran out of time to write my blog! We had a fantastic week looking at and talking about shapes. We had shapes all over our learning areas, including outside. We drew them, traced around them, built with them, tessalated them, floated them in the water tray, hunted for them in the sand tray...! Phew! Alongside that, we attended an infant assembly on Tuesday, which means the children sat very quietly in the hall, well done children!

Please look in book bags for letters, and make sure you have returned your parents evening slip ASAP, within the next day, so that an appointment can be arranged with your childs teacher, any problems then grab us at home time for a quick chat. Mrs Christie has a slip without a name on it...have you sent yours back and not had a reply? It could be yours, if you think it is then please talk to Mrs Christie :) Also, Please can you ensure that your child has a tracksuit (jogging bottoms and hoodie or zippy top) as well as a pair of trainers, not pumps, in their PE kit. It is getting chilly in the mornings now, and we have lots of children who only have t-shirts for outdoor PE. As always, please name everything! Even socks...yes..socks!


We are settling in this morning, ready for a great week ahead in Reception Class..!

Miss Fox.

Friday 23rd September


Good morning! Miss Fox reporting for my first blog post of Reception Class 2016/17!


Hopefully most of you have met me now on the gate at home time, or inside the classroom in the mornings. I am here all day, everyday (some of the children assume that I also sleep here smiley) and I support all 3 Reception classes.


We are now at the end of week 3, already! The children have done a fantastic job of settling in and learning our routines, whilst getting to know their teachers and making new friends.

Our web page is updated almost daily, so keep up to date with our activities and grab information.


Its lovely and sunny here today, so we're making the most of it and getting lots of fresh air in our outdoor area, we are writing sounds, making pretend porridge for our teddy bears and using forks with paint for make 'hairy bear' faces on paper plates, so we are very busy!


Miss Fox.

Friday 16th September

Two weeks in to the new academic year at St John's and the children are settling in beautifully. They are learning all our routines super quickly, including getting their dinners at lunch time. Day 1 took quite a while but by Tuesday the children had learnt how to collect their tray and cutlery, be served by the kitchen staff and collect their drinks before finding where to sit. We will always be there to support the children at the beginning of lunchtime until all of them are sat down and enjoying their meals.


Look out for the letter we sent home on Friday inviting you to join your child one day for dinners this term (I will put the letter in the notice board link above).


I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning!


Mrs Smith



Wednesday 31st August 2016


We all hope you have had a fabulous summer!


Watch this space as the term begins for updates about what your child is doing at school...