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Reversible and Irreversible Changes



We talked about materials that change when they are heated or cooled.  We found out that chocolate turns from a solid to a liquid when it is heated, and can be reversed when it is cooled down.  We had fun finding out by melting chocolate buttons in our hands whilst listening to Michael Rosen's "Chocolate Cake" poem.


Picture 1
Picture 2 We predicted what would happen to solid chocolate
Picture 3 It melted, turning from a solid into a liquid!
Picture 4 We can turn it back, so it is a REVERSIBLE change



We explored materials that change when heated but cannot be changed back.  They are called irreversible changes.  We predicted if egg, cake mixture, dough and clay were reversible or irreversible changes.

Picture 1
Picture 2 What will happen when we heat the cake mixture?
Picture 3 It turned from a LIQUID to a SOLID
Picture 4 It is an IRREVERSIBLE change