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Hungry Caterpillar home school learning:


Hello everyone.

Welcome to week 6 of Home School Learning. Thank you, once again, for all your fabulous photos and videos. We love to see what you are doing at home. This week we are continuing our theme of minibeasts. We are looking at the lovely story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am sure that a lot of you know the story well.

We are starting Phase 4 phonics this week. This will be slightly different, because there will be no new digraphs or trigraphs. We will be learning to read and write words with consonant blends, or another way of saying that is consonant clusters.  Sometimes consonants are together, but they don’t make a new sound .You can still hear both their normal sounds. For example;

t-r-ai-n has 4 sounds (one digraph – ai)

ch-ai-n has 3 sounds (two digraphs ch/ai)


Have a look at this link to cBeebies, Alphablocks as an extra guide to Phase 4. (Letter blends – green)

You will still need to keep practising your Phase 3 sounds. This website is really useful. It gives you a lesson for each digraph or trigraph, so choose the sounds you need to practise. If you need to practise reading and writing three letter words(Phase 2) then have a look at the lessons in the 'Learning to Blend' section.