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27/4/2020 Week 2 Photographs

You are invited to watch this fantastic Little Red Hen show.. Enjoy!

Still image for this video

The Little Red Hen Story retold using props

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Acting out the Little Red Hen story!

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Learning about shapes and creating a Minion numberline! Brilliant!

Easter egg hunt!

Fantastic maths and phonics work!

Collecting pebbles for writing sounds on for phonics work! Well done!

Great work all about the Little Red Hen!

Great speech bubble writing, number work and super hen handprint!

Great maths and phonics work! Learning all about number 18, repeating patterns and the Little Red Hen!

Little Red Hen show, great maths learning about shapes and all about number 18! Great phonics works too!

Thank you for completing and sending in your home school learning Esther! Well done!

Fantastic story writing, speech bubbles and farm craft!

Great labelling of farm animals and phonics work!

Well done for building a hedgehog home, maths and literacy work!

Brilliant collage shape work!

Some great maths and phonics work!

Making bread just like the Little Red Hen! Creating own versions of the Little Red Hen and fabulous phonics and maths work too!

The Little Red Hen story and craft, number work and making a bird feeder :)

Great work about the Little Red Hen story and maths :)