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Our Topic for this term is:

Amazing Journeys

In this topic you will learn about different types of transport. You will use your imagination to travel on some amazing journeys. Where do you think you will travel to? How will you get there?


The Train Ride and Transport craft ideas



We are continuing Phase 4 phonics this week. 

You will still need to keep practising your Phase 3 sounds. This website, that we gave you the link to last week,  is really useful. It gives you a lesson for each digraph or trigraph, so choose the sounds you need to practise. If you need to practise reading and writing three letter words(Phase 2) then have a look at the lessons in the 'Learning to Blend' section.

Also, continue to use Phonics Play to practise your sounds and words.

In addition, look in the 'Tricky words and phonics songs ' section for all the songs that we use.