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Activity 1 - Rain Gauge, Science & Maths

Activity 1 - Rain gauges, Science & Maths


Play in the rain, finding puddles of different shapes and sizes. Can you guess if they will shrink & go at the same time or not? Why? 


Make a simple rain gauge to find out how much rain there is each day:

Place a pot / dish in the garden and at about the same time everyday that it has rained, bring it inside and see how much rain you have collected, by carefully pouring it into a measuring jug, or use a funnel and thin tube.  Use either non-standard (bricks, fingers..) or, with help from an older person, use standard measures (cm, ml).Try to use the same equipment and measurements every time, to make it a fair test.  Record how much you collected, then put the emptied pot back outside.


You could also find out the daily temperature, if you already have an outdoor thermometer. If not you could look on a weather app.


Now you can record all your information on 1 weather chart - weather symbols, temperature and amount of rain, if you'd like.