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Activity 2 - Raindrop Size investigation, Science & Maths

Activity 2 - Rain Drop Size, Science & Maths

Go over background knowledge; talk about different weather types; listen to sounds of rainfall. Then have a go at the investigations:


Measuring raindrop sizes


Predict how big raindrops are & if they are all the same size. 

Hold paper in the rain for a few moments. 

Bring it inside and draw round the splats, before they dry.

Measure & record the findings.

Use the investigation sheets as a guide, though you don't need to print it off.


Water drops


With parental supervision, play with sponges in a bath, bowl, or paddling pool.  Watch the sponge absorb the water and, when heavy with water, hold it up to let the water drip out, to make a rain shower. Gently squeeze it to make more come out.  You could explore using different sponges, bags with tiny holes, or a colander. What do you see? What happens?


Use simple weather and Mathematical vocabulary to explain your play for example droplets, rain, clouds, shower, storm, fine, heavy, tiny, narrow/narrower/narrowest, wide/wider/widest, large/larger/largest, small/smaller/ smallest.