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Activity 2 - Sunlight & Shadows, Science

Activity 2 - Sunlight & Shadows Science Experiment


From our Moon Zoom topic, can you remember why we have night and day?  Watch this BBC Bitesize video to remind yourself:  


Shadows are caused when the sunlight is stopped, as light travels in a straight line - shadows and darkness are when there is less, or no light. 


Do shadows change?

Record what you think.


On a sunny day, plot the course of a shadow regularly over several hours.  Get a family member to stand on an X.  Either draw around their shadow with chalk, or mark where to top of their head is, on the shadow, at about 9am, 12 noon and 3pm, to explore what happens. Measure the length of shadows, use non-standard units ( strides, feet, hand spans) or a metre stick/tape measure  Record on sheets.  What do you find?  Why do you think this is?


Mum/Dad, when measuring shadows outside over the course of the day, encourage your child to think of fair ways of marking shadow size and shape for instance, same place, same person, regular intervals, same unit of measurement. Discuss ‘fair testing’.  You could also use something already outside, like a tree / potted plant.

These are the templates we would have used. They are here for your reference only. There is no need to print them off, unless you'd really like to.