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Activity 3 - Sun Catchers, Art & Design

Activity 3 - Making a sun catcher - Art & Design



Use tissue paper or sweet wrappers to make a sun catcher.  There are 3 methods to make the catcher.


a) Stick tissue/wrappers onto a plastic document wallet with watered down PVA glue, ensuring you overlap the tissue.  Once dry, peel off the shape and trim into a shape, or leave as it is.  Add a thread, or stick directly to the window with small blobs of blu-tac.


b) Using 2 sheets of clear, sticky backed plastic, of Blue Peter fame (sold in stationary aisles, for covering books), place the tissue paper, wrappers or found objects onto 1 sheet, then press the other over the top.  You can then trim it to shape.


c) If you have a laminating machine, you can place the tissue/wrappers into an opened pouch, then seal it closed.  Make sure the tissue layers are flat and thin. Once sealed, the design can be trimmed to shape.


You can add a border, either before beginning, or once finished, if you like.  Go online for all kinds of ideas.




Parents can cut the bottom off plastic bottles.  Children can then colour them with permanent marker pens.  Once decorated, a hole can be punched into the side and string or ribbon threaded through.  These can be hung in a window or why not make several and decorate a tree or bush in the garden.  Don't forget to re-cycle them, once you take them down.