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Alchemy Island

Alchemy Island

Come and join Year 5 on their magical journey through a new world called Alchemy Island.

During this project the children will delve into a mystical adventure and

use their imaginations to discover how to make gold!


With visits from the Chief Alchemist, the children will try to use coordinates

to travel to different parts of the island, build their adventure and

create games, music, maps and adventure stories to immerse themselves

in the new world of Alchemy Island!

Dragon's Den -The build up

Dragon's Den-The moment of truth! To invest or not to invest? That is the question!

The children did a fantastic job of creating products, linked to Alchemy Island, for Dragon's Den. They put in a huge effort and worked brilliantly, in their teams. We had two 'Special Guest Dragons' this week. Mr Averis and Mrs Brunt joined the Year 5 Teacher's  panel and invested in a few items. Congratulations Year 5!!!! This was a wonderful week!