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Alien Antics

Alien Mask Making – use strips of folded paper or strips of card, egg boxes, pens, collage materials & joining tools (celotape, glue, staples)

Alien Models – plasticine/ playdough/ polystyrene shape + feathers, sticks, buttons, pipe cleaners etc.  Ask questions like – “ How many eyes will you have?” “Will it have an antenna? What could you use to make it?” “does it have arms or legs? How many?”   


Animation Film - Make props from cardboard boxes / cerial boxes along with their alien & small toys and use them to act out a story – they could retell ‘Beegu’, a story we’ve been studying at school. Use an old shoe box as the ‘film set’ if you’d like.

Children could take a series of photos, or even have a go at making a stop motion film!

Beegu animation

📚 Beegu, by Alexis Deacon - book reading

Alien Spacecrafts – what about these ideas?

Lego spacecraft


You can use paper plates/metal pie dishes/foil covered plastic bowls and a yoghurt pot/cup for the top.


Alien planet landscape - use a sandpit, if the weather stays nice and create an alien planet adding stones, shells, twigs, small world items and junk.


Use cushions, old sheets etc to turn the living room, or bedroom, into an alien planet for them to role play in.  Put on an over-sized t-shirts knotted at the bottom & fill with a cushion etc to make an alien costume.