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Animals in Art - Art & Design

Look at all the ways different artists have recreated elephants, using different techniques and materials

Look carefully at how the artists have created each of the pictures.  What texture, or patterns have they used? Have they used thick or fine lines and brush strokes? What colours have they used? Which one do you like best? Why?


Now have a go at creating your own piece of art - you could draw your own pet, copy from a picture, or use your imagination to remember what your chosen animal looks like.  Think about it's skin or fur; the  different parts of its body - its paws, claws, whiskers, eyes, teeth, legs, tail, fins, beak...; its colouring; if it's sitting, standing or swimming.

You could use:

paints, chalk, crayons, felts, a plain pencil, a mix of all these, or something else!