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Autumn 2 Memory Box

The children found out all about their families past, creating family trees and bringing in photos and items from their own baby hoods and the childhoods of family members. They began by looking at how humans grow and change. They made frames for their family portraits, looked at toys, household items and books from the past and compared them to now.  They finished by making memory boxes of their own to put special things in, from their time in year 1.

Before 1/2 term, we followed instructions, in English, on how to make sandwiches and cut safely, in readiness for our party.

We began the half term by inviting little brothers and sisters to an afternoon party, on 5th November '19.  We prepared food in the morning and enjoyed fun practical activities with our guests, before eating.

A visit from little brothers & sisters

Baby grows & toys, Nov '19

Making rhyming word paper chains, 12th Nov '19