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Bright lights, big city


Happy New Year to all of our children and families! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and are ready to begin the new year.

Our first day back was a busy one so we found some time to practice our 'Chill skills' while we listened to relaxing music. We also talked about some of our emotions and how they can make us feel. We thought that using our chill skills or telling an adult might make us feel better. Can you guess how we're feeling?


Today, we arrived at school in our smartest clothes because we were expecting a very important visitor! We spent the morning preparing for her arrival. We made sandwiches, chopped cucumber and decorated biscuits. We also coloured in some Union Jack flags for us to wave when she arrived. We were so excited when the Queen arrived! She visited our classrooms and we asked her lots of questions about Buckingham Palace and the rest of the Royal family. We told us about her Corgis. What a super day!


Today we used ICT to investigate some of the buildings in London. We programmed a Bee-Bot to visit some of the famous buildings. Where did you go?


We used the k-nex to make a structure that can be found in London. Can you see what we made?


Today, we started to learn about a terrible event that happened in London in 1666. The Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane when Thomas Farynor forgot to put out one of the fires in his oven. It soon spread to the rest of London. Why do you think that happened? This morning, we made bread to help us remember where the fire started. Doesn't it look delicious?


Today we had a visitor to Year 1. Steve from Partake came to help us tell the story of The Great Fire of London. We were lucky enough to wear special costumes to help us feel like we were living in 1666! We listened to Steve as he told us how the fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. The King's baker, Thomas Farynor, forgot to put one of his ovens out one night. An apron caught alight and  soon the fire spread to the rest of the bakery and very soon, the whole of Pudding Lane and the whole of London! Can you remember how they stopped the fire from spreading even further?


Today we had our last day at school before breaking up for half term! We have really enjoyed learning all about London but are looking forward to our new project. Can you remember what it's called? We celebrated the last day and all of our hard work this term with Golden Time this afternoon where we iced and decorated biscuits. Yum!