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Celebrating Work at Home

We both love seeing all of the exciting things that you have been getting up to at home!


Spring Term


Sensory Trail


Take a look at this amazing PowerPoint for our Allotment Project. 


Well done. This is a brilliant PowerPoint. Such a lovely idea and great that you managed to get outside for some learning in the sunshine! 

Miss Cooper smiley



Home Learning Outside Fun.

It's great to see you enjoying PE lessons with your dad and brother in the glorious sunshine. 
It looks like you have been busy painting and decorating rocks for the garden too.
He also says hi to everyone and hopes that you are all keeping well.

Slime Making 

Busy making slime today! It looks like great fun smiley

Our Amazing Year 5 Writers (Come on guys, let's see some more!).

A Solar Powered Hovercraft 

Take a look at this brilliant solar powered hovercraft! smiley

What a fantastic bird box for the garden (with a short dance break in between ).smiley

Alchemy Island Experiments

Here are some exciting experiments for the reversible and irreversible changes Science work.

It was great to see what you have been up to and I think your PowerPoint is brilliant smiley. Well done!


An Exciting Experiment 

S's Experiment.mp4

Still image for this video

K'Nex Models 

Look at these brilliant models! smiley Great work. 

Art and Science Work.

Slime PowerPoint 

Look at this brilliant PowerPoint. Well done. smiley

'Fire-Full' Island 

Look at this amazing Alchemy Island inspired island. It has a volcano, pool of death, blood stained beach with an ocean and cave with a dragon, a maze and a forest. I think you will agree, it is brilliant! smiley


A Message to you all

I’m enjoying the butterfly English tasks and today.  I read a recipe and helped my mum to weigh & make butterfly cakes. I also made a rainbow sun archer butterfly for my bedroom and for others to spot when they go on their daily walk.


What a great picture!
The Belper Moo!
A spot of gardening smiley

Playing the piano smiley

A Furry Friend to help with Maths smiley

Alchemy Island.

Lazy Lake
Devil's Cave 
Dangerous Mountains 


Easter Baskets 

Look at these lovely Easter baskets! smiley A great Easter craft idea. 

She also says 'hi' to everybody! 

Taking part in the Joe Wicks daily workout!

Alchemy Island 

What a brilliant island! What features can you see? smiley

Butterfly Cakes 

Look at these lovely butterfly cakes, inspired by the English work on 'Butterflies' that was planned for Tuesday! smiley


A Selection of Work smiley

Here is a selection of the AMAZING work completed over the last two weeks! Well done. smiley

A Selection of Work.

Love the artwork. smiley