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Christmas time in Reception at St John's

Christmas has started for our Reception children at St John's!

They are having a fabulous time exploring the question

'Why do we celebrate Christmas?'


We have lots of role play areas to explore. The children can use their imaginations, acting out stories and getting into character!

*The children can have a Christmas dinner in Mrs Gartside's classroom

*The children are turning into Santa's elves and working hard in his workshop at the North Pole writing lists, wrapping presents and sorting children's letters

*Outside we have our very own stable with bales of hay and lots of costumes so the children can re-enact the Nativity story


Our Reception classroom spaces are filled with exciting activities to explore, including:

*Christmas craft


*Christmas malleable play

*Magic reindeer food

*Christmas cards - to write, sort and create jigsaw puzzles out of

*3D Nativity scenes to play with, as well as 2D stables to fill with drawings of characters from the story of Jesus' birth

*Weighing and wrapping Christmas presents

*Christmas counting and number tasks

*Design your own stocking

*Printing Christmas decorations on to a Christmas tree


The children are also constantly thinking up their own ideas too using the many resources available to them! What an exciting time of the year it is!

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Picture 1
Picture 2 Exploring capacity with the magic reindeer food
Picture 3
Picture 4 Sorting and writing Christmas cards
Picture 5 Counting activities using Christmas cards
Picture 6 Retelling the Nativity story
Picture 7 Writing letters to Santa
Picture 8 Reenacting the Nativity story
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12