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Create an enclosure for an animal at a Wildlife park - D & T, Science

Choose one of the animals you have been finding out about, or another favourite. Make an enclosure for it.  

Before you begin think about these questions: What will your animal need?  Think about where it will sleep, where it will be fed & how and what activities it likes to do.  Will it need something to climb or water to swim in?  Does it like lots of plants and undergrowth to hide in, or an area of grass or woodland? How big will the enclosure need to be to help it be happy and healthy.  Does it like to socialise? Will it live on its own, or with other animals?  If it likes to live in a group or herd, will all those animals be the same kind, or can it live with other species?


Find a shallow cardboard box, tray, shoe box lid or similar.  Go for a walk and find some natural materials, or look in the garden.  Ask an adult before you pick things. Use junk and your natural objects to make an enclosure, adding a plastic toy, if you have one. Finally photograph it and send it to us.