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If you haven't yet sent us the photographs we've requested, please send them to

Mrs Heer or Mrs Carvell via email by Monday.


If we do not receive these photographs then your child will not be included in the Top Secret surprise.




Transition to secondary school

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For videos, information, letters, virtual transition and more.....

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Wednesday 2nd September


We are really pleased to announce that we are able to provide the children with a leavers’ experience on 2nd September, which is also being supported by the PTFA.


Here are the details so far:


  • This experience will be held from 12:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. on the school field and is for children only.
  • Arrival and collection will be via the gates at the bottom of the field on Dovedale Crescent.
  • It will be held on the school field, which will be dedicated to them for the afternoon as Y6 children won’t be able to mix with any other children.
  • Lunch will be provided – menu choices will be uploaded via the class page and a form will need completing prior to this experience taking place (more details to follow).
  • Children can attend in their ‘Class of 2020’ hoodie.
  • If children would like to bring a labelled t-shirt/polo shirt for signing throughout the afternoon they are welcome to – this cannot be worn.
  • They will need to bring a camping chair or picnic blanket with them.
  • Mobile phones/cameras WILL be allowed although there will be a dedicated time for photographs to be taken.
  • The children may play rounders during the afternoon so will need to bring appropriate footwear for this and their competitive edge!
  • There will be a special treat for them as they leave at 3:00 p.m.


We also have a few additional surprises for them throughout the afternoon!


Government guidelines will be followed throughout this experience and, as a result, we will be watching this closely over the coming weeks. With this in mind, the final confirmation of this experience will be published on Friday 28th August.


We hope that weather doesn’t mean that this experience has to be cancelled and so we may be asking for gazebos to be set up if the weather isn’t what we hope for. We would appreciate any help with this, should rain be forecast, and a decision on the weather, if required, will be made on Wednesday 2nd September by 10 a.m.


Contact during the summer holidays


You can contact me or Mrs Heer via our email addresses or the contact form on the class page during the summer break. We may also use your email address to contact you with alerts and links to information. If you have any objection to this being used please let us know as soon as possible.


Please be aware that our Year 6 page will be archived on July 20th and so will not be in its usual place but can be found underneath the class pages via the archive section: class pages 2019 – 2020. We will also place a link on the new class page for you.


Thank you


I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the PTFA who are working hard to support this experience to ensure the children have fond memories to look back on in the future.


Have a wonderful summer, and see you all very soon!


Mrs Carvell

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We almost have all of the information that we need to start compiling the project.  We have two more requests that we need your help with:


1. Please ask your child to think of something interesting / special about themselves, or a hidden talent that they may have.  It only needs to be one sentence.  Please could you submit this to us using the following form:

 by 5pm on Friday 17th July.


Here are some examples:


'I play for ____________ football team.'

'I have a pet lizard.'

'I am double-jointed.'



2.  Photographs:


a) We require one photo of your child in school uniform and


b) one photo of your child in non-school uniform.


Please ensure that you include the head and shoulders only for both pictures (see examples below).


 Please send photographs to us via email by 5pm on Friday 17th July.



Thank you,


Mrs Heer & Mrs Carvell

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In response to a couple of queries, please see information below which I hope will be helpful to reduce any worry or anxiety:




Y6 children who are currently attending school are to wear their school uniform and so hoodies are not to be worn for school.


Thank you to all those who worked so hard on this project.


Potential Plans for September 


As you are aware, Mrs Heer and I are working towards the possibility that Y6 children can come together for a final leavers' experience on September 2nd. I would like to clarify and assure you that any plans are currently provisional and have not yet been confirmed or shared with parents as, as we have already shared, we are all too aware that they will need to adhere to strict government guidelines. These guidelines are being updated regularly and so we will be working to the latest guidance available as close to this date as possible.


There are currently no other plans in place for any other events for Y6. Information for parents will be updated throughout this final week.


Please contact me or Mrs Heer if you have any questions about Y6.


Mrs Carvell






Thank you for all the responses to the form this week. Mrs Heer and I will be working hard over the next few weeks as I can confirm that this is going to go ahead yes


We will need your help with photographs of every child, so please look out for the information

in the activities this coming week.


Thank you for your wonderful support, as always!



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Information for Parents

PSHE Matters: Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)


'RSE includes many themes that contribute to children’s wellbeing and safety. It helps them to understand their bodies, manage risk and influence, and develop resilience and healthy relationships.

Whilst at home, and in the absence of formal RSE teaching, young people may turn to inappropriate

sources of information or experience pubertal body changes that they don’t understand and with

which they need some help and support.

The PSHE Association have developed some guidance. It advises caution when considering whether or not to provide lessons for home learning around a range of sensitive subjects.'


Derbyshire County Council Guidance


With this in mind, we will not be teaching the more sensitive and personal elements of RSE

in the current circumstances this year. Other aspects of this subject have already been taught during earlier terms: mental well-being, self-care, e-safety and security, keeping connected with friends,

developing hobbies and interests.


Please find below advice, clips, links to websites and books for you to use at your discretion when you

and your child feel most comfortable to initiate conversations about growing and changing.

Book list:


  • ‘Frog in Love’ by Max Velthuijs
  • ‘Where Willy Went’ by Nicholas Allan
  • ‘Mummy Laid an Egg’ by Babette Cole
  • ‘What If’ by Shel Silverstein

Links to useful and fun web pages:

Weblinks for you....


Click on the link below to access additional resources


Click on the link below to access additional resources

  Ben Nuttall - Football Skills
  Want to dance?
 Want to listen to David Walliams reading his books?




Click on the logo to be inspired by wellness videos by sporting stars every day at 4pm. Link to Instagram so parental permission required)


Click on the link go to iSingPop for their weekly #faithathome episodes and songs (parental permission required for You Tube)