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Happy Monday everyone!


This week we are going to be doing some information writing using a Talk for Writing (T4W) non-fiction model text. T4W is a teaching method where children learn a model text and then innovate the text to then write a new text. T4W teaches children to write in different styles and this week we are focusing on non-fiction writing. We will be writing non-chronological reports.


We are going to learn a simple non-chronological report about meerkats.


Using the text map (pictures) below rehearse the meerkat information text. (NB- it is important that children learn the text by looking at the pictures, not reading the text. The text is for you to guide.)

Now talk about the different ‘chunks’ of information:

  • Introduction using a question to start
  • Description
  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Key/ interesting facts
  • Conclusion


Think about some of the trickier words in the text and write these down for use in writing.

Now have a go at writing a non-chronological report about meerkats. You can use the writing template below or you can write in your work book.

(NB: on the template there are small icons that we would use in class to self, peer or teacher mark the work. Encourage your child to re-read their writing and using a different colour pen/ pencil, mark their work. Children are quite used to reviewing what they have done. The icons are capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, question mark, capital letters for names, exciting vocabulary, conjunctions.)