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Today you are going to draw your own text map about elephants. Have a look again at the meerkat text map and look at how the text is organized. Each line begins with a meerkat and is followed by pictures illustrating each chunk of information.

Find your sentences from yesterday and use these to guide your text map. Now draw your own text map about elephants.


Below is an example of what the text could be. Remember this is just for parents, the children should be using the ‘chunks’ of information from yesterday.


Once you have completed your text map, rehearse your information. Can you tell a sibling all about elephants? Maybe you could share it with a relative on a video call.


We'd love to see your completed text maps so don't forget to send us a photo!

We've got a photo already- hope this inspires you!


Using the non-chronological report template or writing straight into your work book, use your text map to write about elephants.

Don’t forget the marking icons to help you to review and evaluate your work.