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Today I would like you to plan an information text (or non-chronological report).

First of all, think back over our Beat, Band Boogie project.  What have you enjoyed learning about?  Decide on an area that you would like to write your report about.  Some ideas are:


  • All about sound
  • Musical instruments
  • Music around the world
  • How we hear


Once you have decided what your report is going to be about, you need to plan your report.  You might be able to do some research on the internet to find out more about your chosen idea.


Use the planning sheet to help you get together your ideas.  Make sure that you check how to spell the words that you are going to use too.  Remember this is just ideas - you don't need to write in sentence, you can make notes.

Non-chronological report planning frame

Non-Chronological Report Writing Word Mat