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Today we are going on a virtual school trip to Chester Zoo. There are lots and lots of animals to see at Chester Zoo and there is a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to see more.

There are 4 videos where we meet the animals and their keepers.

Tomorrow we will be writing a recount of our trip so today you will need to watch the videos carefully and make notes (and draw pictures) on what you see. Things you need to listen and look for might include;

  • What their enclosures look like
  • How many of each animal you see
  • What they are doing in the clip
  • What they eat
  • What do you notice about each animal
  • Any interesting facts the keeper shares with you.

Tomorrow we will be using time connectives in our writing first, next, after that, finally so make a note of these too as you watch each video.

First we will meet the giraffes, next we will meet the elephants, and so on.

Have a lovely trip and make sure you have notes for each animal to write about tomorrow.

First stop is watching Rothschild's giraffes enjoy brunch.

Next stop, Asian elephants... Look out for the baby!

Watch stunning Sumatran tiger Kasarna eat her lunch.

Finally enjoy watching the Eastern black rhinos eat brunch.