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Today we are going to explore the work of a zookeeper. Watch the video clip showing a typical day in the life of a zookeeper to become more familiar with jobs.

Take a look at this website-  
Now talk about the main things that you need to look after animals: feed them, give them water, clean their cage, wash or brush them, check they are healthy.

Explain what imperative verbs are (bossy verbs) and that we use these when we are writing instructions or telling someone how to do something. Does anyone know any?

Colour, cut, fold, pick, skip, tear, pour…

We are focussing on imperative verbs today that will help a Zookeeper do his/her job.

Now we are going to write instructions that a zookeeper will follow to do is/ her job.

You can use the pictures on the sheet to help you. There are also some instructions you could sequence if you want an easier option.