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Today we are looking at the story ‘Whatever Next’ and answering questions. You can complete the questions orally or you can write the answers in your workbook.

Where did Baby Bear want to go?

What reared out of the clouds?

What did Baby Bear and Owl do on the moon?

How did Baby Bear get back into the house?

What did Baby Bear use as a rocket?

Look at the use of punctuation in the story. How many question marks, exclamation marks, commas, speech marks and full stops can you find? Can you explain why the author has used each one?

The story starts with a question. Can you think of other questions? How do we show that a sentence is a question? What words are usually used to start questions?

Why are some of the words written in italics?


Make a list of equipment that you might need if you were going to travel to the moon.