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Today the children are going to write a poem about ‘The Zookeepers week’. We are going to be using suffix –ed on the end of verbs and using a capital letter at the beginning of each day of the week.

Thinking about all of the verbs we thought of yesterday for the zookeepers jobs, we are going to put all of the imperative verbs into the past be adding –ed.

List the imperative verbs from yesterday and add –ed to each one. Pour-poured, mix-mixed, splash-splashed, brush-brushed, clean-cleaned, answer-answered, check-checked, help-helped.

You can revise adding –ed if required using the ‘Uncle Ed’ power.

Now we  are going to write a poem about ‘The Zookeepers week’ eg:

On Monday I brushed the elephants.

On Tuesday I checked the chimps.

On Wednesday I trained the tigers.


On Sunday I did nothing!