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Hooray it’s Friday!!


Today we are going to be adding suffixes –er, -ed, and –ing to root words.

Look at the PPT ‘adding –er, -ed and –ing’ and discuss how the root word (verb in this case) can have a suffix added to it to change its meaning. Discuss the meanings of the words and orally rehearse in sentences together.

Now we are going to complete the adding –er, -ed and –ing activity sheet.

To begin with discuss how the 3 suffixes tells us;

  • who/ what does something  -er
  • if it was done in the past or  -ed
  • it is happening in the present  -ing

Think of some verbs and how they can be conjugated-

  • play- player, played, playing,
  • walk--,
  • mix-,
  • clean-,
  • help-


Can you write the words you have created into super sentences?