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Today we are planning our own journey story.

I would like you to think of where you would like your journey to be to, and jot it in your work book. Don’t forget planet names need a capital letter.

Next, think of your main character- will it be a bear, another animal or a human? What is their name?

What will they travel in? If they’re travelling to space will it be a rocket or a space shuttle?

What will they need to pack- almost certainly sandwiches and a telescope !?

What will they do when they reach their destination? Exploring? Picnic-ing? Experiements?

How will they get back home?

And finally, how will your story end? Will they go to bed to dream of space, or will they be planning their next adventure?

Remember- today we are only planning our story so writing in workbooks should only be words and phrases (not full sentences). Children should be gathering their ideas today.


Find toys and props at home to role play your story.