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Over the coming weeks we are going to be investigating persuasive writing with a Talk 4 Writing unit of work. If you remember the Meerkat and animal information writing before half term, this was a T4W unit on information writing.

Now we are going to look at persuasive writing, exploring persuasive vocabulary and language patterns and creating our own persuasive posters and leaflets.

Within persuasive writing we think of the following features:

Audience: children think about who their leaflet is for: other children and the wider community

Purpose: to promote view/ product to influence what people think: to visit Belper Wildlife Park (BWP)

Structure: written in a logical order, a series of point developing a viewpoint, use images to attract attention

Language: personal and direct, often informal; emotive sentence signposts; opinions expressed as facts; use of imperative language, language that ‘sounds good’ and emotive language.