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Today we are going to write our own description of finding a treasure chest.


You can use the ideas from the text you looked at yesterday.


Think about:

  • Where you found the treasure chest.
  • How you opened it.
  • How you felt when you opened it.
  • What was inside the treasure chest?
  • How did you feel about what was inside the treasure chest?
  • Who do you think it belonged to?



Don't forget to use all of the features of good Year Two writing.

Think about!

  • Punctuation (CL, . , ! ? ')
  • Expanded noun phrases ( the tall, handsome pirate)
  • Adverbs (carefully)
  • Write a question.
  • Write an exclamation.
  • Use neat school handwriting

Remember to use your sheets in your home learning pack to help you with your spelling and word choices.