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This week there is a variety of activities for you to do.  You can do them in whatever order you like.


In the Year 2 Summer English Activity Booklet you will find some great reading comprehensions to have a go at.  There are also some fun SPaG activities.  Print out the pages that you would like to do.


If you would like to, there is a favourite memories page from this year that you could complete.


A really important job for this week is to plan and write a letter to your new teacher for September.

There is a planning sheet to help you get some ideas as well as a letter template to use.  When you have written a draft of your story, write it up on the special paper.  Why not email it to your new teacher? or you could bring it to school in September.  Make sure that you use all the things that you have learnt this year to show your new teacher what a great writer you are. smiley