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Today I would like you to plan writing your own instruction text.  You can write instructions on how to do anything.  It could be a recipe, a craft activity, a game or some instructions for an alien like how to get dressed or how to clean your teeth.  It is entirely up to you.  Look at the presentation to see some tips and examples.


Today you need to do the activity that you are writing instructions for yourself and think carefully about how you are going to write it down.  You could take photographs of each step or draw a picture of each step ready to help you write it tomorrow and jot down any useful words that you need.  Make sure you think about any special words that you will need to spell.  For example, if you are going to bake a cake, can you spell all of the ingredients that you are using?  Use the packets to help you.


Have fun doing the activity ready to write about it tomorrow. smiley