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It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week.


Today we’re going to start collecting facts about Tim Peake, a famous British astronaut.


I would like you to find a clean double page in your book.

Use the following links to find out about Tim Peake and life on board the International Space Station. Remember when we make notes we do not need to write in sentences.


I would suggest you organise you pages with the following headings to keep your information together:

  • Who is Tim Peake?
  • What is he famous for?
  • When did he go into space?
  • Where did he travel to?
  • Why did he go?
  • How did he travel?
  • Interesting facts

British astronaut Tim Peake's first moments on ISS

Tim Peake's rocket launch and thumbs up - Blast Off Live: A Stargazing Special - BBC One

Inside The ISS Tim Peake's New Home International Space Station