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It’s Friday! Well done for all your hard work this week.

Today we are going to listen to some weather poems and then have a go at writing our own.

Who Has Seen The Wind by Christina Rossetti

Hello Mr Sun

WEEK WEATHER POEM by PATT SKINNER - Please only watch to 3 minutes!!

So now we are going to write a simple weather poem.


The poem will follow a pattern:


On Monday it was sunny,

So I jumped into the paddling pool.

On Tuesday it was raining,

So I wore my rain coat and wellies.


Now it’s your turn, you can either borrow these two days of the week to start you off or you can start from Monday again. Each day needs a new weather and a new activity/ item of clothing.


Here are some more ideas:

  • skipped through the leaves
  • caught snowflakes
  • jumped in the puddles
  • watched from my window
  • wore my swimsuit
  • searched for the pot of gold.

Enjoy writing your poems and don’t forget to share them!!