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Hello and Welcome back!


Our new project, Beat,Band, Boogie, is all about music and sound so to start us off today we are going to be reading all about our sense of hearing.  As well as using your comprehension skills to answer the questions, you will also learn about how we hear, how some animals hear and how people who can't hear communicate.


Don't forget to use the Pawsome Gang to help you!


There are three different texts to choose from, so do the text that you normally would do - One star, two star or three star. Most of you do the two star, but some of you do the one star or the three star.


Please write your answers on the sheet but you don't stick it in your book.


The answers are included so that your grown-up can check your answers for you and help you to correct any that you got wrong.


Mrs Astell smiley

Sense of Hearing Comprehension