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Today we are going to reminding ourselves what adjectives are.  Just like yesterday, we are going to start off by watching a clip.  There are also some activities and a quiz to have a go at.


Can you explain to an adult what an adjective is?  How many adjectives can you list in two minutes?


Once you have reminded yourself what an adjective is, have a go at the worksheets to practise identifying adjectives.  You will also practise choosing adjectives that are suitable for the noun you are describing so that it makes sense.  You wouldn't normally describe a tree as hungry and ferocious but you could use those adjectives to describe a lion.


Your grown up will be able to help you to choose the activity that is best for you.  Some of you will have a go at the 'developing' activity, most of you the 'expected' activity and some of you might then like to try the 'greater' depth activity as a challenge.

Identifying adjectives - Application and reasoning

Identifying adjectives - varied fluency