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Today I would like you to practise what you know about nouns and adjectives.  I want you to write expanded noun phrases and try to up level your sentences.


This is a simple noun phrase

The cat


This is an expanded noun phrase

The black, fluffy cat 


You then need to add some extra information to make your sentence more interesting.


The black, fluffy cat with beautiful, green eyes jumped gracefully over the colourful flowerbed because it wanted to move into the warm sunshine. 


We have practised doing this lots in school.  Here are some posters to remind you!


Over to you!  Up level the sentences below using adjectives to create expanded noun phrases.


  • The dog ran.
  • The children laughed.
  • The teacher smiled.
  • The boy rode his bike.
  • The horse galloped
  • Fish swim.
  • The books on the shelf.
  • The car zoomed past.


You can write some more of you own too!