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Happy Monday everyone!


Today we are going to be practising using the conjunction ‘and’ to join two small sentences together to create a longer sentence.


For example:


Dogs like to eat treats and they love to play with toys.


I joined two sentences together using and to make a longer sentence.


Here are some smaller sentences about animals. Can you choose two and join them with the word and?


  • They like to chase a ball.
  • Hamsters live in a large cage.
  • They like to eat carrots and lettuce.
  • Cats have a long tail.
  • Dogs come in lots of different sizes.
  • They like to run in a wheel.
  • Rabbits live in a hutch.
  • They like to sit on your knee.


Don’t forget everything you know about writing sentences- capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when you write them in your books.



Can you tell me about your weekend using longer sentences containing the conjunction and?