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Over the next few days we are going to be working towards writing a poem.


Today, I would like you to listen to the poem "The Sound Collector" by Roger McGough.  As you listen, think about the sounds that the poet is describing. 


  • Where would you hear those sounds?
  • Do you notice any patterns in the poem?
  • Do any parts of the poem rhyme?

You can listen to the poem as many times as you would like to.

Now that you have listened to Roger McGough's poem "The Sound Collector", I would like you to be a sound collector.  You can choose a room in your house, go outside in your garden, or collect sounds on a walk.  Listen very carefully and think about the sounds that you can hear.


Look at this presentation to give you some ideas to help.  Then use the planning sheet to write down and draw the sounds that you have collected.


Have Fun!


The Sound Collector: Ideas for what to listen out for.

Sound Collector: Sheet to record sounds that you hear.