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Good morning and ‘Happy Thursday!’


Today we are going to begin to pull together this week's work. Tomorrow we will be writing postcards from locations which experience weather/climate we can compare with that in Belper. We will be drawing on the learning on suffix –er and –est (…warmer than Belper. …much colder than Belper).


Today we are going to use various sources to find out about a chosen location and take brief notes.


You will need to choose one location, imagine you are there on holiday and think about what you would want to tell a grandparent, aunt or uncle or a close friend.


You can use the materials below, the internet or books and also experiences you have had on holidays.

The following documents are comprehension materials. You ARE NOT completing any comprehension questions on these materials. They are solely to use to gather facts about your chosen location.


It could be that you have a preferred holiday location that you would like to write your postcard from. Feel free to use the internet and your own knowledge to collect a bank of facts in note form to prepare for writing your postcard.

Investigate the different landmarks you could visit and imagine you are there. How do you feel? What can you smell? Have you tasted anything exciting? What can you see?