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Now read the final part of Fowler's Yard. Was it how you expected it to end? Was your ending better than the original? I bet it was.smiley

Feel free to complete your story map now you know the ending, if you wish to.

Today's task is to make up your own "Crack the Code" sheet. If you can't remember what one of these look like, take a look at "The Caravan" example below. You can choose features such as; nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases, short sentences, subordinate clauses...etc.

Make it as easy or as hard as you wish, as long as it's correct.

See if you can get a member of your family to crack the code.

Working Towards - 3 codes

Expected - 5 codes

Greater Depth - 7 codes

Fowler's Yard - Full Version

"The Caravan" - Example of a Crack the Code Sheet