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Extreme Weather - Geography, Science & Art

Look at these freaky facts about the weather from Nat Geo Kids!

Sometimes the weather is not as usual. It can be different to normal for just 1 day, or over a longer time. It can be much hotter, colder, wetter or windier than usual. 

Take a look at the power-point.  Talk to a grown-up about these.  Have they have experienced any?  They may remember a very cold winter, a very dry summer, or maybe a heavy hale storm, or strong winds one day.  Belper had bad flooding, which you may remember.  Thankfully we don't get weather like this very often.  In fact we don't get monsoons in this country at all.

Can you paint a picture, or make a collage showing 1 of these extreme weather conditions? Could you send us a photo of it, so we can add it to the class pages?