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Frequently asked questions

To help families we hope that the following is useful. Please check regularly as information may change at any time. We will update as often as possible. 


Last updated on Friday 3rd December at 4.00pm - Updates in red


Are parents allowed in the school building?

Only with an an appointment and when wearing a face covering.


The information below in purple was updated on Tuesday 30th November at 12pm. 


Has St. Johns updated any procedures since the new government guidelines came out on Monday 29th November?

Yes from Tuesday 30th November the following will apply. 

  • Children will still do not wear face coverings at St. John's.
  • Staff and adults will still not wear face covering when working with children in lessons, assemblies or other areas of the school. 
  • Parents are not required to wear face coverings when outside and picking up or dropping off children at the beginning or end of the day.
  • Staff will be recommended to wear face coverings in communal areas when not working with children and when social distancing is not possible. 
  • All adult visitors to school will be required to wear a face covering when indoors and in communal areas but will not wear them when working directly with children. 


Have the isolation rules changed for children who have come into contact with a positive case?

Yes. Government advice has altered for all children and adults, regardless of their age or vaccination status if they come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the new Omicron variant. CLICK HERE. 


All of the information below was published in September 2021 and still remains relevant. 


Can I read the latest government advice to schools to stay COVID safe?

Yes - CLICK HERE to read it. 


Start of the school day

  • The gate at the side of school will be open from 8.50am to 9.00am. A member of the leadership team will be on the gate every day from 8.50am and looks forward to welcoming all children at the start of every day.
  • We will not have a one way system, the side gate onto the car park will not be used. This means that more staff can be in classrooms helping children with their learning rather than doing a gate duty. Please keep to the left when walking down the path along side school.
  • One of our ‘COVID keepers’ is that children are going to continue to go straight into classrooms at the start of the day from 8.50am when the gate opens and not go onto the playground as doing this has helped us begin learning as soon as possible.



End of the school day

  • Reception and year 1 children will finish at 3.25pm, all other children will finish at 3.30pm.
  • There will not be a one way system. All children and families will be able to leave the playground through the side gate, we will not be using the car park gate. Please keep to the left when walking down the path along side school.
  • The side gate will be open from 3.20pm to allow parents and carers of younger children (reception, year one and year two only) onto the playground. Parents and carers of junior children are asked and encouraged to wait in front of the school for their children to walk out of the side gate on their own.


During the school day

  • We will not be using year group bubbles. Children will be able to use all the playground and play with friends in different year classes and year groups.
  • In classrooms, children will not have to sit in rows facing the front of the class. Teachers will be able to use different seating arrangements for different lessons for example children may sit in table groups to help with group work.
  • Children will eat their dinner in the dining room at the same time as children from other year groups.
  • We look forward to whole school assemblies and collective worship in the hall where we will be able to sing and come together as a St. John’s school and community once again.
  • We will be planning Christmas nativities, church services and sport afternoons with parents and friends coming to watch and enjoy.
  • PE kits will be able to stay in school so that families don’t have to remember which days they are needed in school and we can make timetable changes if needed. We are going to encourage children to take their kits home every Friday to get cleaned and bring back on Monday.
  • After school and lunchtime clubs will be able to take place with children from different year groups attending. This will mean that more children will be able to attend and enjoy our clubs.


Health and hygiene

Government guidelines still show that we need to ensure that we have enhanced hygiene procedures in place.

  • We will still be ensuring hand hygiene and regular cleaning of hands. Children will be told to wash their hands at regular intervals during the day.
  • Classrooms and other rooms will still be ventilated with open windows.
  • We still employ a cleaner to work during the day.
  • Staff will still be encouraged to take two LFD tests at home every week.


Isolating, positive tests and children showing symptoms

We have a separate section on our website with the latest guidance and advice on what to do if your child has symptoms or comes into contact with someone who has symptoms or tests positive. CLICK HERE


Contacting your child’s teacher

  • At the beginning of the day class teachers will be in classrooms from 8.50am with children and therefore now only have time at the end of the day when they will be available for any brief conversations. If you would like a more confidential, longer meeting please leave a message at the school office and the class teacher will get in touch to arrange a suitable time.
  • We are all looking forward to seeing each other more often and having face to face conversations again. Using technology and emails has been really useful during the social restrictions, but will no longer be the best way to contact teachers who will not be monitoring accounts regularly. Messages and letters to teachers must come into school with children in the morning or come through the school office to ensure they are received and acted on in a timely and effective manner.