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Frequently asked questions

To help families we hope that the following is useful. Please check regularly as information may change at any time. We will update as often as possible. 


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Tuesday 20th July 4.30pm - updates in red


Have you had any positive cases of COVID at school this week?

No, our last cases were week beginning June 14th. 


Will there be a before school sport club for child care in September?

Yes, we will have a 'Wake up Club' in September that will be run by Tom Ellison and his Star-Primary team. Parents can now book places online. CLICK HERE. 


What will happen in September when we return to school on Thursday September 2nd?

Throughout August we will continue to follow government  guidelines and updates to advice issued to schools. At time of writing we are planning on the school returning to normal.

  • Single start and finish times. The morning gate will be open from 8.50am to 9.00am and then the evening gate will be open from 3.20pm to 3.35pm. All children will start school at 9.00am. Reception and year 1 will finish at 3.25pm and all other children will finish at 3.30pm.
  • We will stop using the one way system and side gate on the playground that leads onto the car park.
  • The playground will hopefully have the barriers removed so that children from different year groups will be able to play with each other at playtimes and lunchtimes.
  • Children will eat their dinner in the dining room at the same time as children from other year groups.
  • In classrooms, children will not have to sit in rows facing the front of the class. Teachers will hopefully be able to use different seating arrangements for different lessons, for example children may sit in table groups to help with group work.
  • We will be able to sing in assemblies and music lessons.
  • We look forward to hopefully having our assemblies in the hall again and coming together as a school community.
  • We will be planning Christmas nativities, church services and sport afternoons with parents and friends coming to watch and enjoy.
  • PE kits will hopefully be able to stay in school so that families don’t have to remember which days they are needed in school.
  • After school and lunchtime clubs will hopefully be able to have children from different year groups attending.
  • Parents and visitors will not be required to wear a face covering. 
  • Parents will be able to book face to face appointments with teachers through the school office. 
  • More than one adult will be allowed to bring children to school.


In September, will you be keeping some of the routines that you have had in place since March 2020?

Yes. In September we will still be encouraging hand hygiene and give children plenty of opportunities during the day to clean their hands. Classrooms will still be ventilated and we will still have a cleaner working during the day.

We are also going to have all children walking straight into classrooms in the morning as soon as the front gate opens at 8.50am and won’t have children on the playground. We have found that this is a much calmer start and helps the school settle to learning earlier.


Where is the latest government advice to schools?

The government shares its advice publicly, parents and teachers are able to read it. 

At time of writing it was last updated on the 19th July and can be found on the government's website. CLICK HERE. 


Will parents of free school meal children get food vouchers during the summer holiday 2021?

Yes. CLICK HERE for information.