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Diary Entries


Today, we would like you to use the prompts in the images below to help you to upgrade your diary drafts - don't worry if you haven't got a purple pen - polishing pens can come in all sorts of colours!  Remember, this isn't assessed, so you are able to ask for help. 


You could also consult a dictionary to help you with unknown spellings and a thesaurus to upgrade your vocabulary.  Don't worry if you do not have a dictionary or thesaurus at home - there are many different versions to be found online.


You will then need to write your final diary entries up in neat.  If you would prefer to, you could type up your diary extract and insert photographs to illustrate you in your new school routine.  You can email a copy to your class teacher (use the Contact Us page) so that we are able to have an insight into your thoughts and feelings.  You could also email a copy to your parents for them to save, so that you've got the opportunity to read back exactly how you felt during this momentous time in history at some point in the future.


Happy writing :)