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Task 1: Maths

We hope that you enjoyed practising how to add and subtract fractions. Today, we are setting you a problem-solving task all about perimeter (outside of a shape). To access it, you will need to use the link below then:

-watch the video (Lesson 4 - Problem Solving);

-click on ‘Get the Activity’ to complete as much as you can of the day’s work. Q1 and 2 are your main task. Q 3 and 4 are your challenge;

-mark it yourself using ‘Get the Answers’ (no peeking!). You may need to ask an adult to check your answers to Q2.

It might be useful to have some scrap paper that you can cut up to help you with the main task or you can print the example below.

Task 2: Project

 I hope you enjoyed learning about transparent, translucent and opaque last week - can you remember what they mean?


Today's lesson is going to be a short introduction to graffiti and then focusing on the artist Keith Haring. The PowerPoint below has all the information you need and your art task is on there. There will be more project lessons on light and graffiti next week!


(I have also posted the answers to the homophones task from yesterday if you wanted to check)


Every Friday we are going to set you some spellings to practice at home. The spellings will be posted below with a short activity to complete. You can either complete the task today (the day it is set) or alternatively one day next week. If you would like to do a spelling test with somebody at home you can do or you can just practice your spellings regularly in you home learning books or a scrap piece of paper.


We will be posting a new set of spellings next Friday.