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Task 1: Maths

We hope that you enjoyed adding and subtracting volumes yesterday. Today, for your final maths task this half-term, you will be designing a new drink for the hot summer days ahead. See the link below. If you have any difficulty, refer to your resource pack or contact us for more support.

Task 2: Project (science/ geography)

Today you are going to find out about lights at night. Work through the PowerPoint below to discover lots of new information.


Enjoy :)

There is an additional (optional) video that I have put on the end of the PowerPoint and I have posted the link below for ease of access :)

Well done year 3 for all your hard work this half term. Miss Thompson and Mrs Higgs are both very proud of you all.

Miss Thompson's class - Miss Thompson has an update she would like to share with you ... You can find this in the achievement section. Link posted below.

Task 3 (optional): Daily Challenge! FINAL chance!

Miss Thompson and I had fun yesterday when we saw your fantastic creations for theme 4: 5 things that are your favourite colour. Use the link below to explore the images. If you missed it, you can still send us your gallery entry - just remember to label it as theme 4. Here is a reminder of the rules:

-we will set the theme by 9am that morning.

-you need to draw, paint, model or photograph something that represents the theme.

-e-mail us a photograph of your creation by 2pm on that same day.

-please check with an adult that they are happy for you to enter.

-please only show the item in the photograph.

Miss Thompson and I will upload all of the photographs together in the 'Your Achievements' section so that you too can have a giggle or a smile at what other children in Y3 have created.

If you have not yet contacted us to send in your photographs, send us a message through the contact forms and we will send you a way.

Good luck!

Theme 5: Something that looks unusual that is useful.